8 Twitter Threads Academics Need to Read Today

At the time I’m writing this post for you, Twitter’s future is nebulous at best. Many people are leaving for other platforms. I hope that it turns around and remains a thriving resource for building community online. But in case it does not, make sure to head over and read these threads before it’s too late! Each of them is full of suggestions to help you attain success in your research and academic career.

Finding and Reading Literature

For those just starting out, sorting through the literature can feel overwhelming. And new papers are being published every day. This thread from Mert R. Sabuncu provides some tips for keeping up with the conversation.

Reading scientific papers is a skill, and one that is not always explicitly taught in our programs. John Gallagher summarizes multiple Twitter threads on the topic into an easy-to-use resource.

Writing in Academia

I had a background in writing when I began my graduate program. Some days, though, this felt almost like more of a hindrance than a help. Academic writing is different than the writing I do as a content creator or in my profession. So I love these recommendations from Julien Cayla!

Writing a literature review is an important part of the dissertation process. It is also an ongoing need throughout future research projects. One of my favorite Twitter resources, The PhD Voice, provides some insight on how to rock the lit review.

Make your job application stand out

Every fall, a wave of job opportunities in academia for the following year are announced. If you’re applying, you have a lot of competition, so you want to make sure your application stands out. A strong cover letter can make a big difference. Two threads from Dr. Imran Farooq and Valerie A. Lewis, PhD can get you started.

Finding Work Outside of Academia

Finally, some students plan on careers outside of academia, and others who start there decide they want other opportunities to explore. Nicole Betz, PhD, helps people make that transition, and has threads on what jobs to look for using your degree outside of higher education, and how an informational interview can be used as a tool in your search.

Use these threads today to move your research and your career forward!

Sarah Willey

November 2022

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